COSHH Assessments

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health is a law requirement and covers everything from risk assessing the exposure to hazardous substances and implementing control measures around substances within your workplace.

Employers are required to act to prevent or reduce any potential risk, such as:

§  Identify what could cause health hazards

§  Conduct a thorough COSHH risk assessment to prevent any risks from materials and substances

§  Implement control measures to prevent or reduce any risks discovered in your assessment

§  Regular monitoring the adherence to the control measures and procedures in place

§  Provide sufficient and adequate information, instruction and training on how to safely work with hazardous substances

§  Conduct a health surveillance survey where appropriate

§  Develop and emergency plan

Our health and safety advisors can assist you in developing COSHH assessment to identify what the health hazards are, the control measures that must be in place, staff training required and supply of relevant information.