Health and safety audits

An audit is a systematic review of your organisation’s current level of management measured against your existing management system and existing legislation. A safety audit will provide you with a clear indication of where on the spectrum you are in terms of compliance and where best to focus your attention and resources.

Health and Safety Audits serve two broad purposes:

·  They are routinely conducted in order to determine whether the company is in compliance with Health and Safety legislation. These can be performed by representatives of a regulatory body or by the company itself.

·  They are used to identify weaknesses in safety programs and processes. These audits are then used as a guide for designing safety plans or to identify corrective actions that should be undertaken.

Our staff can conduct external audits of your company health and safety management which involves a thorough examination of the company’s site documentation and works carried out. A report will be issued with recommendation for improvement measures where necessary

Benefits of an M2HSE audit:

o   Our Safety Audits will help you to comply with the law

o   Health and Safety Audits that will always offer objective advice and lower the direct impact on full time employees.

o   Our Safety Audit will provide you with an overview of compliance – Where are you performing well and what needs to be improved.

o   Our Health and Safety Audits will save you money by directing resources those issues which are real rather than perceived

o   Our Safety Audits will help increase employee awareness

o   Our Health and Safety Audits will help enhance your company’s credentials by having a system in place for independent monitoring and reviewing performance